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This database is intended to assist individual retail customers with the present production status of their aircraft models. This information provided is ONLY AVAILABLE as it is reported to us by the factory and updated accordingly. We are unable to respond to individual inquiries beyond what is presently being reported. Please keep in mind that the average time for production is around 120-180 days which does not count international transit time or customs clearances which could take several more weeks. This is only an Estimate of production time and Not a Guarantee of delivery within this time frame as indicated in the original Terms & Conditions of Sale. Production time can and does vary depending upon factory work loads at any given time, availability of craftsmen, model complexity, carrier shipping routes and available containers, weather (which includes humidity as it relates to drying time), customs clearance, increased international security concerns and unforseen political situations which may at any time effect the factory or its personnel. All models are given individual attention so that no model is rushed to get to the next one which may inpair the quality. However, we will do our best to move your model along as quickly as possible.
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