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Acceptance of Terms & Conditions of Sale - Customer agree's that they have been provided opportunity to review the Terms & Conditions of Sale upon our web site prior to submitting their order and understand that it is accepted by Tamco Systems Inc. for processing only in accordance with the terms of sale set forth herein. This policy shall govern all disputes. Jurisdiction of this agreement shall be within the State of Florida and resolution made in accordance with the laws thereof. All sales are bound by this agreement.
Privacy Policy - Information provided by customer is considered confidential and utilized for internal purposes only. Customer may on occasion receive in-house mailings from our mailing list via email or direct mail services.
Standard Order Processing - The average processing time is about 15-30 days for domestic orders. All charges will appear upon your credit card statement as Tamco Systems Inc. or Tamco Systems/AmBanner.
Backorder Items - Customer agree's that products not currently in stock or purchased as anticipated manufacturer releases, will automatically be placed on backorder status for up to twelve (12) months from the date of order. Customer understands that such backorders will be processed, charged and shipped as the product becomes available unless we are otherwise instructed to cancel the backorder. Additional shipping/handling fee's may be applied to backorder items.
Custom Model Order Processing - These are defined as any model which requires special factory production, such as those produced by Flyteline Models, Atlantic Models or Desktop Executive Series Models. Production time is estimated at about 180 days which is exclusive of shipping and transit times. This figure is only an estimate and not a guarantee of delivery within this time frame. The production period can and does vary depending upon factory workloads, complexity required in production of a particular model, as well as unexpected delays such as those caused by political situations, customs, weather or interruption in shipping services. Customer understands that Tamco Systems Inc. or it's affiliates, has no control over the factory production process and shall hold Tamco Systems Inc. and it's affiliates harmless for any production or delivery delays that may be experienced.
Custom Model Grace Period & Refunds - Customer understands that all custom made models, such as those offered by Flyteline, Atlantic or Desktop, are prepaid "non-refundable" products except as otherwise outlined herein. Due to the nature and value of these models, a Grace Period of fourty-eight (48) hours is provided to the customer following submission of their order, to cancel same without charge. Customer agree's that cancellation beyond the Grace Period but prior to final shipment of the finished model, will result in a 50% surcharge, based upon the products retail value. The remaining balance, including all shipping and handling charges prepaid, will be refunded back to the customers credit card used for the original purchase, or by company check where credit card is no longer valid or customer originally paid by cash. All models are non-refundable following final shipment to the customer. Customer agrees that this condition of sale shall be held valid and non-contestable during any claim for refund or chargeback. Accordingly, customer hereby waives any right to chargeback for amounts in excess of this agreement.
Custom Model Production - Customer hereby understands that the production of custom models is not an "exact replication" of the aircraft or it's colors. Each custom model is handcrafted individually so there can be some differences in design. Paint colors used are those which match most closely to colors seen in the images provided by the customer or used in the replication of the aircraft. Digital or scanned photos can and do vary in printing, electronic transmission or viewing in various electronic media's. Accordingly, final paint color application to the model may vary from colors of the actual aircraft unless actual paint chips have been provided by the customer. Logo's, lettering or registration numbers which are hand painted, may vary in quality as well due to human limitations. Customer understands that no refunds or model remakes will be granted for this condition.
Shipping - Shipping and Handling charges shown upon our shopping cart are an automated estimate of actual shipping and handling charges that will be applied to the customers final billing. International shipments are usually sent via Air Parcel Post for the fastest affordable service. In some cases, due to national security, postal or import regulations, these shipment will require slower ground transportation by ship. International shipments can be delayed by foreign customs inspection as well as local delivery abilities within the receiving country.
Delivery Confirmation - Title to all merchandise transfers to the customer upon shipment. Customers agree that Delivery Confirmation, as provided by the USPS (United States Postal Service), shall serve as bonafide proof of delivery of packages to the customers shipping address. Customer agrees that they are solely responsible for the security of their mail receiving area and shall hold harmless, Tamco Systems Inc. or duly authorized affiliate thereof, for any missing parcels or losses once a package is "confirmed" by the USPS (or other authorized carrier), as having been delivered to the customers shipping address. No refunds will be honored under these circumstances.
Sales Taxes - We are required by Florida Department of Revenue to collect Sales Tax on all orders which are initiated within the State of Florida or orders which shall be shipped to receiving parties within the State of Florida.
Customs / Import Taxes - Customs taxes (if any), imposed by a foreign government upon its residents is the responsibility of the individual customer in accordance with the laws of their respective nations. Tamco Systems Inc. is not authorized to collect taxes or import duties for any foreign government.
Shipping Damage (Custom Models Only i.e. Flyteline, Atlantic, Desktop) - In the event customer should receive a custom model damaged in shipping, we will replace it with new production or provide a refund. However, customer shall not, under any circumstances, take it upon their own to return a damaged product to us directly. Customer agrees to (a) notify customer service of the situation at once (b) keep the original box and all packing materials. Upon notification from the customer, depending upon method of shipment, we will provide customer with instruction for proper method of returning the damaged product. Customers failure to abide by this clause, follow proper return instructions, or by returning a damaged item to us directly, could invalidate our carrier insurance protection. In such event, model replacement or refund to customer is void.
Return/Exchange - Non-custom made items may be returned within fifteen (15) days provided they are; (a) in resealable condition and packaged in the products original factory packaging; (b) that a copy of the Sales Receipt is enclosed, and; (c) that you include a Return Merchandise Authorization form. If you have had email contact with us regarding the return you may include that if you like so we understand your individual case. All returns should be posted to: Tamco Systems Inc., 3041 Anata Drive, Zephyrhills, FL 33541 USA

" Return Items - Shall be subject to a 20% Restock Fee based upon the retail value of the product. Shipping / Handling fees are non-refundable. Balance will be applied back to the original credit card used in the transaction.

" Exchange Items - Exchange items are not subject to Restock Fee since they will be replaced by another item and account adjusted accordingly. However, shipping fees will be applied for the exchange.
Credit Card Security - Customer hereby states that they are the valid holders of the credit card being utilized in the transaction or are duly authorized users of the said credit card account. Any chargeback upon a sale contested by the credit card holder as being "not authorized" may subject the user of said account, who submitted the order, to criminal prosecution for credit card / postal fraud as well as imposition of civil penalties under State and Federal laws unless restitution is made or products returned.
Bankcard Chargeback's - Customer shall be responsible for any fee imposed upon Tamco Systems Inc. which resulted from the customers initiation of a sale dispute or merchant chargeback, which was resolved in favor of Tamco Systems Inc. Customer authorizes Tamco Systems Inc. to recoup imposed merchant damages by charging same to customers credit card, or via direct billing invoice which must be paid within 14 days of presentation. Unpaid balances shall carry an interest rate of 18% and may be referred to collections.
Disclaimer - Products shown upon our web site are products which are available for retail sale but, due to the nature of production, may not necessarily be in stock. We and/or the manufacturers reserve the right to change paint/marking schemes on models from time to time, the materials that the models are manufactured with, and to increase or decrease prices without prior notice. We also reserve the right to discontinue any models in our product line at any time or to change offered scale of models being offered for sale without prior notice. Handcrafted style models may vary due to individual human abilities from a specific aircraft representation. This is especially true for painting of fine details.
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