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Flyteline Models Crystal Glass Airplane Model Packaging 
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Crystal Glass Airplane Models: Samples & Information

FLYTELine Models is happy to introduce and offer Crystal Airplane Model Gift Sets. These are truly unique promtional corporate and retail items. And with your company logo etched into the base or that of your client, these models are certain to enhance the image of your company and be appreciated by those who own one. Each model is produced from optical crystal glass and is available for production in five different sizes dependent upon your needs. We can replicate just about any kind of commercial or general aviation aircraft there is.

125 x 110 x 50mm; 5" x 4.25" x 1.97"
165 x 135 x 80mm; 6.50" x 5.31" x 3.15"
200 x 185 x 110mm; 7.87" x 7.28" x 4.33"
260 x 240 x 140mm; 10.24" x 9.45" x 5.50"
310 x 290 x 145mm; 12.20" x 11.42" x 5.71"

Gift box packaging is also included, similar to the image to your left, with satin lined interior. You company or brand name may also be placed on the box cover in Gold Leaf print. Boxes are also available in different color styles. However please keep in mind that we are not restricted to producing only airplanes. We can also work with figures, skylines or just about anything else you may be considering. We wil be happy to work with you and your ideas to make a quality crystal end product to fit your needs.

If you are interested in this kind of product please use our
Customer Service link and an Account Manager will be happy to answer your questions, and work with you to get your project done.


Flyteline Models Crystal Glass Airplane Model Packaging
Crystal Glass Airplane Model of Boeing 787 by Flyteline Models
Crystal Glass Airplane Model of Boeing 787 by Flyteline Models
Boeing Licensed Crystal Glass Boeing 787 by Flyteline Models


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